You may have heard about this already, but allegations have surfaced challenging the results of a study that is a foundational piece of research about Alzheimer’s, according to CNBC. Science Magazine revealed these allegations in mid-July about a 2006 study that has been important to the understanding of Alzheimer’s by medical professionals. It appears that a main theory in treating the disease has been that it causes plaques in the brain. It has now come out that the images of plaques in the 2006 may have been doctored. If this is true, millions of dollars was spent on research based on a lie.

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I wanted to write about this because many of our clients have dementia, and dementia and Alzheimer’s specifically has impacted my family deeply, and I know it pained me to hear about this. I think about our clients and how many of them could have a better chance against this horrible disease if the researchers hadn’t been flying blind for so long. Everyone should read the Science Magazine about it, the full story is very unsettling.

This is a short blog post today, to talk about this. We give homecare to many dementia patients, both in their homes and in facilities. This hits home for us as we know it does for you as well. Please take care and check back here for updates.

Next time we will be talking about the upcoming state fair, and how you can still enjoy it safely! We’ll go over some tips for people who think that they aren’t able to keep up and walk for that long.