We’ve covered some fun holiday topics recently, but now here’s a more somber topic that is relevant during the holidays. The holidays can be rough for anyone who has lost a loved one, but a lot of our clients have lost a loved one, be they a spouse or a life-long friend. This is not aimed at older adults, but this topic can particularly hit home for them. Whether you yourself are the one grieving, or you are looking out for a loved one, here are some things to keep in mind during the holidays.

Have Compassion for Yourself

If you are grieving during the holidays, don’t push yourself. Feel what you need to feel and do the traditions that you want to do. However, as we’re going to discuss in a second, you can change your traditions, especially if they’re too painful for you to do. Surround yourself with loved ones, and do not feel guilty if you’re not into the holiday spirit, especially if it is a first holiday season after a loss.

Change Your Traditions

This could take the form of changing existing traditions or adding a new one. As previously mentioned, some traditions may be too painful. Or maybe it makes sense to do amend a tradition to include more people. People also like to add a remembrance tradition during the holidays, as well. You can read more about this from the Ohio State University and Harvard Medical School.

Use the Notecard Method

This is a useful method for anyone who needs help and needs to organize people helping them, but I especially like it for the holidays while grieving. I read it first in this article from the Ohio State University, and the basic idea is this: make a list of all the items you need help with, and then write them down on one notecard each. When someone asks what you need help with, hand them a notecard or just read it to them. This could also be done electronically through a spreadsheet or online list. This is great because you have a premade list and doesn’t require a lot of constant energy of coming up with items.

Thank you all for reading this, and I wish you all a beautiful holiday season, and once again, please be kind to yourself.