A caregiver in blue scrubs helps an older man get into a wheelchair.

I was just reviewing my notes for new blog posts. I realized that while I’ve covered many topics here, including but not limited to: exercise, nutrition, caregiver burnout, pets, cleaning, and when to hire a caregiver, I have never done a quick, simple rundown of Frequently Asked Questions that we get here at CareBuilders. In the past, I have tackled some homecare myths, but today I’m going to lay out some FAQs for anyone considering hiring a caregiver.

Are Caregivers Covered by Insurance?

The answer is maybe, depends on your insurance. Long-term care insurance may cover homecare, and the VA may cover homecare for you as well. We at CareBuilders can work with you on what is and isn’t covered on your plan. You can also call your insurance on your own to go over the details of your plan.

Do I Get to Pick My Caregiver?

We don’t let you pick one from a list or anything, but you are always welcome to tell us if one of the caregivers we send you isn’t a good fit. The office works really hard to match you to a caregiver. At CareBuilders at Home, we appreciate your feedback, always.

What Can Caregivers Do?

They can’t do anything medical, but an incomplete list of tasks a caregiver may be able to complete based on their skill and education:

  • Assist with medication self-administration
  • Assist with ambulation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal prep
  • Assistance on errands
  • Assist with transfers

Are Your Caregivers Homecare Nurses?

While some caregivers may have different credentials, no. Some are CNAs, and we have employed nursing students, but our caregivers aren’t nurses. Our caregivers are strictly non-medical.

Can Caregivers Drive Me?

Yes, they can. Just tell the office when you set up your care that that is what you want.

How Do My Caregivers Know What I Want?

You tell the office when setting up your care, and we inform the caregiver.

If My Spouse is the Client, Can I Leave the House When the Caregiver is There?

Yes, we have client spouses who use the time the caregiver is there to run errands, go to social gatherings, and more. Giving spouses a break from care is as important as providing care to the client.

If I Hire You, Does That Mean My Loved One Will Never Go to a Care Facility?

No, sometimes people have to leave their homes in order to receive the best care possible. However, we do our very best to keep you or your loved one at home for as long as possible.

That is what I have for now! We at CareBuilders hope that this has been helpful to you!