December is a particularly magical time of the year because many different cultures and religions have holidays and traditions throughout the month. And while a lot of our clients are Christian, even different denominations of Christianity have different traditions. For example, many Catholics start their Christmas celebrations on Christmas Day (Midnight Mass is very traditional) and end them on the Epiphany, which is in early January. The Epiphany marks when the wise men arrived in Bethlehem and met the baby Jesus. So in that spirit, let’s talk about honoring different holiday traditions.

Senoir enjoying time with family

Judgement-Free Assistance

When appropriate, our caregivers can help our clients celebrate their holidays. Examples of this include assistance with decorating or food preparation, as well as assistance while their client attends events. We cover diverse spirituality and religious expressions with our caregivers during orientation. Like I said previously, we acknowledge that different holiday traditions are inherent to this time of year.

Engaging in Educational Holiday Activities

The last section is about our caregivers, but this one can apply to anyone, especially those with grandkids. This can be something like finding a holiday celebration from a different culture in your community, or having everyone in your family find a holiday recipe from a different culture for you to make. This can be a great to learn about new cultures while also celebrating the holidays!

Let me know down below what your favorite holiday tradition entails! And how do you think homecare can help you with it? Stay tuned for a post tomorrow as a continuation of Carecember.  Happy holidays!

Written by Brigid Stakelum