By: Brigid Stakelum

Older adults can have very specific nutritional needs. It can be hard to remember any changing dietary needs, and also older adults may have other conditions that may make chewing and eating food difficult. Which can be frustrating because nutrition can be very important in managing conditions and an older adult’s quality of life. I will cover nutritional needs in a later post, but in this post, I will focus on how our caregivers assist with meal preparation and eating. Luckily, we at CareBuilders can help you and/or your loved one at meal time!

Our caregivers are well equipped to help you make and eat meals, for older adults of all ability levels. If you need someone to prepare a meal, and no assistance with eating, then our caregivers can help. If you need eating assistance, we have caregivers who can help with that, also. Our caregivers can also take you to the grocery store, and assist with meal planning. If someone wants to make meals for the older adult, our caregivers can heat up already prepped food and serve it to the older adults. Our caregivers can be hired to help on a holiday basis, as well. With July 4th coming up, we can have someone help the older adult prepare food or assist them at a family gathering. So, in summary, our caregivers assist with meal preparation and eating in various ways.



Next time, we will talk about some ways to eat fruits and vegetables on a tight budget!