The state fair is a timeless and beloved tradition for many, especially here in Louisville. However, as people get older, it’s harder to be on their feet running around for several hours a day. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! I have some tips to help you on your trip to the fair. You can also check out this post about the benefits of a caregiver for special events, but if you want one for the fair, call now at 502-458-2273.

An older woman with sunglasses walks next to an older man wearing a war veteran hat.

Fair Trip Tips

  • Go on senior day. Senior day is Tuesday, August 23rd and admission is free for those 55 and older, parking not included. You can read the full list of special days here.
  • Talk to an exhibitor. Do you have a friend who is an exhibitor? Exhibitors often have tons of extra tickets that cover parking as well. You may be able to get one if you ask nicely.
  • Map out your day. On the previously linked page, you can find a complete schedule for every single day of the fair. Figure out a few things that you want to do, and take your time. If you’re going with grandkids, get them involved! Have them each pick something to do. Plan on someplace you can rest when you get tired. It could be inside or at one of the food tents, but know where you can find a place to sit. You could plan a rest at one of the cooking demonstrations or talent shows. You can find a schedule here as well.
  • Try to park near the ramps. This is more important if you have a wheelchair, but if you have a wheelchair but only use it during certain times, consider bringing it for the fair.
  • Estimate how long you can handle. If you know you can only walk for two hours, plan accordingly and take breaks like suggested earlier.
  • Bring your own snacks. If you have food restrictions, there is little you can eat at the fair. This is also a good money-saving tip.

Have fun, be safe, and see you next time.