Most Americans want to age in place, but the reality, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services senior policy analyst James Toews, is that too many individuals enter long-term care institutions unnecessarily or prematurely, which in some cases can result in earlier demise. So how can seniors and their families avoid that fate? By using the services of an in-home care company to retain at-home independence and peace of mind. CareBuilders at Home Louisville can provide services in the comfort of your home, in a hospital, a facility, or in an assisted living or independent living community.  We tailor a plan of care for each client to ensure that they can stay in their homes safely and comfortably until their physician deems that it is no longer possible.


The benefits of aging in place are multi-fold.

  • Protect social connections with family, friends, and neighbors. Staying engaged in your social network can reduce mortality; increase physical function, muscular strength, and levels of self-rated health; reduce symptoms of depression and pain; and increase life expectancy. Also, an evaluation by the state of Missouri’s Aging In Place program showed that participants had better outcomes in the areas of cognition, activities of daily living, and incontinence than those in nursing home care.
  • Self Determination. Staying at home allows seniors to be more independent and make their own decisions in a variety of areas. With live-in or other in-home help, you’re in charge of scheduling activities instead of a facility where you must comply with a group schedule.
  • Slow down memory loss. Loss of memory is a scary prospect for many as they age and being moved into an institutional environment can worsen the progression of memory loss. Because of the increased social network connections and being able to keep your current social network that comes with staying in your community, a decrease in cognitive function can be slowed. The familiarity of your surroundings help to trigger memories. Smell is one of the most powerful memory facilitators for example, and studies have shown that in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, smells increase memory recall. Staying in your own home helps ensure familiar sights, sounds, and smells abound to help keep you connected and stimulated cognitively.
  • The comfort of your familiar space. Having your favorite chair, your own mattress instead of a hospital bed, the temperature, the smells, just the familiarity of the space, are all benefits. Also, in a nursing home, seniors may have to deal with a roommate not of their choosing in a semi-private situation. Aging in place offers the comfort of privacy that just isn’t available in many live-in facilities.
  • Aging in Place costs less. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are expensive. Add in that many seniors have almost paid off their home mortgages with over 20 percent between 65 and 74having already paid them off completely, and staying at home becomes even more attractive.

CareBuilders at Home Louisville celebrates Homecare and Hospice month by continuing to provide world-class personal and companion care, one person at a time. Yes, the people we care for are clients, but they are more than that to us. We strive to make every homecare visit a special one, with the individual’s needs topmost in mind. Our caregivers get to know each client, and our goal is for all of their needs to be met to our best ability by the end of our shift with them.  We know how important it is to each and every client to stay in their home, in a familiar, homey, and clean environment and that is why CareBuilders at Home exists.


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