March is National Nutrition Month, sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Nutrition is very important for older people, as we age it becomes even more important to eat food that nourishes us physically and emotionally. Y0u can find out more information about National Nutrition Month here and about how to participate in it here. Consider checking out our post from a few months ago about how to eat healthy on a budget.

Talk to Your Doctor or a Dietician

To begin, the only people able to give you complete nutrition advice are your doctor, or, better yet, a dietician. Doctors often receive basic nutrition education. A registered dietician has to have extensive nutrition education and training in order to be able to call themselves a registered dietician. Always talk to an MD or RD about your specific needs, especially if you have a chronic condition.

Try Not to Moralize Food

This may be a little confusing because of the title of this post, but I try generally not to categorize foods as “good” or “bad,” “healthy” or “unhealthy.” I like to think of balancing one’s diet by adding foods rather than taking them away. Not moralizing your food will make it easier to maintain a healthy relationship with food. That is as important as the food you eat.

Add Variety to Your Diet

There are many benefits to a varied diet. Sometimes older adults get stuck eating the same things for a number of reasons. Being intentional about adding variety to your diet is vital. You can try adding a vegetable or fruit that you don’t eat a lot to your grocery list every week or few weeks.

Recipe Swap

Another thing to try is a potluck or recipe swap with your friends, you may discover something new!

Use the Internet

Buy something that you don’t know how to use? I guarantee that there’s a recipe online somewhere for that thing. I like using Food Network’s website for recipes, personally.

In conclusion, eating in a fulfilling way does not have to be intimidating, it can be fun! These tips are of course not rules but these are some ways to get you started!