We offer help specifically for the holiday season because the holidays are a time when people may need more help. Yes, I know it’s only September. However, our holidays do book up. If this is something that may help you, you should consider this now. I posted this right after the 4th of July.

A blonde woman in a holiday sweater embraces an older woman in a cream sweater from behind in front of a Christmas tree.

 What to Consider for Holiday Caregivers

There are a few questions to ask yourself and your loved ones when you’re considering hiring a caregiver for the holidays. Are you or the potential client hosting a family event for the holiday? Is the rest of the family from out of town? Will they be available for the preparations of the celebration? Will the client have to do things like shopping or cooking which they normally need help with? How many people will be at this gathering? Does that change the client’s ability to cook, clean, shop, or do other preparations?

Someone who has lots of local help for the preparations and who doesn’t need a lot of specialized assistance may decide not to hire anyone to help them (or they may decide that extra hands are worth it). But a person who has no family living in town and would need to do much on their own may consider hiring a caregiver.

How to Hire a Caregiver for the Holidays

Call us at (502) 667-5144 for all inquiries about hiring us, and let the office staff know that you are looking to set up care for specific dates around the holiday season. The office staff may also be able to answer questions about insurance, and then they’ll get you started on the onboarding process. Make sure to be very specific about what you or the potential client need help with.

This may seem way too early to be posting this, but we will elaborating here on this topic closer to the holidays.