It’s getting hot and muggy outside.   Late July into August is considered to be the Dog Days of summer when the temperature gets above 90 every day, and most people just want to stay cool.

This is a particularly challenging time for people who are elderly or have physical limitations. I am sharing a list I often use when traveling to warm climates with these individuals.

  1. Try to have outdoor activities either before 10:00 or after 3:00 unless you have a fully shaded location, and use sunblock.  This includes car trips.  The 10:00-3:00 time period tends to use more gas to keep cool and is busy, so before or after those times are better on hot days.
  2. Think about shortening an activity.  Like, have grandma come in the last few minutes of a ball game then take everyone out for ice cream.  Grandma gets to cheer on the little leaguer while not being too affected by the heat.
  3. Bring WATER along with you.  We often freeze a few bottles before a car trip or outing, then let them melt during the day. Sodas, alcohol and other options may not keep you hydrated quite as well.
  4. Do NOT leave an elderly or disabled person alone in the car, or outside areas.  Heat exhaustion and heatstroke can happen very quickly.
  5. Consider an indoor/outdoor option.  If someone gets too hot they can go indoors without missing the party.  We often do indoor/outdoor cookouts.
  6. Bring along a washcloth and a zipper baggie.  You can put cool water on the washcloth, then put the cloth around your neck to cool your body quickly.  Put the cloth in a zip lock to bring home.
  7. Splurge with a frozen treat!  (this is a popular suggestion for the kids as well)  Popsicles, slushes, ice cream sandwiches, frozen lemonades are all wonderful fun summertime cool snacks.  It takes longer to drink a slushie because it is partially frozen, so you can cool off.
  8. Consider being in the water.  A pool, lake, river, beach, any option can work. As an extra bonus, people can often move more in the water than on land because of no gravity. Make sure to use sunblock.

I hope these tips help you and your loved ones enjoy our Dog Days of summer.

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