Technology is your friend! Would anyone have believed it 50 years ago that we would communicate with little computers in our hands? Let alone that, but the signal would reach anywhere in the world, via reflective dishes in space? I would have chuckled at you.

According to Wikipedia, Home alert systems were conceived and developed in Germany in the early 1970s by Wilhelm Hormann with the aim of developing new comprehensive structures for ambulatory and non-ambulatory care for the sick, the elderly, those who live alone, and people with disabilities.

Hormann’s concept of “home alert” (Hausnotruf) is thus to be seen as fairly broad, including the communication of biomedical data and social communication, and not limited to use as an “elder alarm”. This has been set forth extensively in the research literature on PERS.

The technical implementation succeeded with the help of AEG-Telefunken Backnang GmbH and was presented to the international public early in 1980. In 1982 the Hausnotruf PERS system was distinguished with the Frankfurt Innovation Prize of the German Economy by the Wirtschaftsclub Rhein Main e.V. (Rhein-Main Business Club) in Frankfurt-am-Main.

In 1975 American International Telephone Company offered an emergency home phone system similar to Hormann’s. The user wore a medallion around the neck that when pushed delivered a preprogrammed message to several phone numbers.

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