It is important for older adults to stay active, just like it is important for anyone to stay active. However, as one changes with age, the way they remain active may look different than it did when they were younger. I have some tips for older adults on how to stay active right now and for years to come.

An older man and woman go for a run.

Talk to Your Doctor

Always speak to your physician if you have any conditions that would complicate your ability to stay active. Your doctor may be able to recommend types of exercises in a way that I am simply not qualified to do over the internet. They may even refer you to a physical therapist, especially if you’re recovering from a fall or other injury, you should be able to give you exercises that you can do at home.

Make it a Social Activity

Connecting to a community is vital for sticking to a new routine. Consider joining a walking group, or seeing if your local YMCA has a Silver Sneakers program. Other ways you can stay active include volunteering, which you can do with friends, as well. This has two benefits: exercise and socialization. I highly recommend this to older adults.

Rethink “Exercise”

You may have to broaden your idea of exercise. Maybe you’re not able to deadlift anymore, but you can walk or even run. Again, talk to your doctor always about what they recommend. Think about activities such as gardening being exercise, as well. Do you or a neighbor or family member own a dog you could walk? Could you go bird watching on a local trail? Exercise does not have to be lifting weights or running 10 miles on a treadmill.

Thank you all for reading this, I know I have been gone for a few weeks. I moved! See you all next time!