Looking for some extra cash to recover from the holiday season? Good news! We are always hiring new caregivers! I went over this awhile ago in this post, but I will go over it again for a short post today.

Being a Caregiver with Us

We have a very flexible schedule, and we are open to caregivers of all skill levels. We need people to do a wide variety of care tasks, and we work diligently to make sure that our caregivers’ skills match their clients’ needs. If we send you to someone who you think needs more than you can provide (or who needs less specialized care than you provide), let the office know and we will place you with someone else.

We hire caregivers to fill all types of scheduling gaps, so even if you only have a limited availability, you will still be able to work a few shifts a week for us, at least. Our shortest shifts are typically three hours long, so as long as you have some chunks of time that long, we can usually place you. We also love hiring people to work full-time for us. We provide you with scheduling support, and we work with you to build your schedule.

Apply today! Online or in our office.