When the topic of seniors remaining in their home is brought up for discussion, there’s always the

question of why remain at home when you can be in a facility setting with other seniors? There are many
compelling reasons why one should age at home, regardless of level of care. Most people, if given a
choice, would rather stay in the home that holds the life they have always known.

One’s surrounding are what shapes the society that we associate ourselves with; it’s part of our identity
and can’t be underestimated or even fully understood. Perhaps it’s a familiar tree in the yard, lifelong
neighbors, or the fond memories of family gatherings around the dining room table. Familiarity of one’s
home and neighborhood, even if memory begins to fade, is not replaceable. Even with the best
intentions, it’s not possible for family and friends to understand certain personal significances a home
may contain to a person. Especially a person who may be in declining health and who’s holding on to
memories and the things that they’ve built their lives around, their home and neighborhood. This is a
person’s society, it defines their individuality and independence.

As one ages, holding onto their society and familiar setting is imperative for maximum functioning,
especially if forgetfulness sets in. Being in a familiar surrounding is many times the life line for
independence. Many people have long since adapted to health declines, they may have a whole routine
based on where things are in their home. We all have our steady daily routine. Any deviation from that
schedule throws us off for the day. As one ages, that routine becomes even more important to daily life.
At home, you’re in control of when you perform which activities. You decide when to have lunch, what
to have for supper and when you want to go to sleep without having to conform to someone else’s

With the availability of services available in the community, there are so many sophisticated ways to
modify a home setting when the need becomes available. Many seniors have modified their homes to
accommodate their needs in a safe and unobtrusive way. Even a small change to a home can be the
defining difference as to whether someone stays in their home or goes into an unfamiliar environment.
Finally, a home is filled with irreplaceable memories. Memories are embedded in the walls of your home
created by you, your spouse and family. Where else can you be surrounded with such fond memories of
so many years? No facility setting, no matter how ‘home-like’ they try to be, can measure up to the
warmth that home-grown memories can provide.

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