You haven’t been on vacation in years. The pandemic delayed your plans, but you finally have the chance to get away, only your dad relies on you and can’t or won’t go. How do you take a vacation when your dad can’t be alone? Have you looked into the value of 24-hour home care?

Overnight care is a great way to make sure your dad has supportive care at all hours of the day and night. Here’s what 24-hour home care aides can do to help out.

Assistance With Medication Schedules

One of the things you do each day is remind your dad when he needs to take his prescription pill. He has a variety of them and they’re vital to his health. Some are taken with a meal, some have to be taken on an empty stomach. Some of his pills are taken once a day, others are two or three times per day.

He cannot keep track of it all, so you help him keep track. While you’re away, his team of caregivers will remind him when it’s time to take another pill.

Preparation of All Meals and Snacks

Your dad’s meals and snacks are prepared when he’s ready for them. If he is an early riser and likes breakfast at 5 a.m., his overnight caregiver will have it ready before the morning caregiver arrives.

With caregivers working in shifts all day and night, your dad always has someone with him to get a meal, snack, or beverage and clean up the kitchen and wash dishes after. He won’t go hungry, have to eat frozen meals that he can microwave, or order takeout the entire time you’re away.

He Has a Driver

Your dad has a range of appointments each week with his doctor, therapists, etc. He also goes to church, volunteers, or attends social events at the area senior center. He doesn’t want to miss out until you return.

If he needs groceries, his caregiver can take him shopping. If he loves to walk on the riverfront trails, he won’t have to give that up until you return. His caregiver can drive him and then join him on the walk.

With caregivers there all day, he has someone to drive him to the different appointments. He won’t have to wait for you to return. He can keep doing the things he needs or enjoys while you’re away.

Before you book your hotel, make sure you have 24-hour home care arranged. Once you have caregiver services firmed up and have exact dates, book your vacation. You’ll be able to take the break you need without worrying about your dad’s care needs going ignored. Call a 24-hour home care agency to get started.

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