Seniors often struggle to get the restful and restorative sleep they need to be healthy. Some studies show that as many as half of all seniors have trouble sleeping or don’t get the recommended minimum of eight hours of sleep at night. There are many reasons why senior struggle to rest at night. Seniors may need CPAP or other medical devices at night that make it tough for them to relax and sleep. Or they may be taking medication that makes the restless and wide awake. Seniors also can have anxiety at night that can interrupt their sleep. If your senior loved one is having a difficult time getting to sleep or staying asleep at night these four things might help:

24-Hour Home Care

Having someone with your senior loved one at night can significantly lower their anxiety and stress. That can make a big difference in their ability to sleep. A 24-hour home care provider can stay overnight while your loved one sleeps to make sure that they are comfortable and not anxious. Seniors who live alone may worry about their safety or what would happen if they fall or need help in the middle of the night. Having a 24-hour home care provider in the house overnight is a great way to ease your senior loved one’s mind and give you some peace of mind too.

A New Bed

If your senior loved one is still sleeping in the same bed they have had for the last 20 years it might be time for an upgrade. An adjustable bed or a comfortable new modern mattress that has heating and cooling features can make a huge difference in the quality of a senior’s sleep. Getting your senior loved one a new bed, new bed linens made from soft and breathable fabrics, and other upgrades can improve the quality of their sleep quite a bit.

A Ceiling Fan

If your senior loved one has trouble sleeping at night because they get too warm a ceiling fan can be a big help in keeping the room temperature comfortable. Ceiling fans also can provide just the right amount of background noise to make it easier for your senior loved one to sleep. Getting a ceiling fan installed doesn’t cost much and it can be done in an afternoon.

A Smaller Bed

If your senior loved one is finding it tough to sleep because they lost their spouse and they can’t get comfortable in a big bed alone you can try getting them a smaller bed that is very cozy to see if they just need a change in order to sleep comfortably. While most people think about getting bigger beds and not smaller ones a small bed can be very comforting and can help make your senior loved one feel safe at night. Look at beds that were created for neurodivergent individuals or people with sensory issues to find the most innovative cozy small bed designs.


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