Many people worry about their older family member being safe. They may be concerned about falls, illness, injuries, or safety hazards in the home. When your aging relative lives alone and you arent able to visit them often, your concerns could be very real. One way to allay your fears and ensure your loved one remains safe is by hiring elderly care. Elderly care providers can do many things that not only make life more enjoyable for older adults, but keeps them safer, too. Below are 4 ways elderly care can keep seniors safer.

#1: Frequent Checks

Simply living alone can open older adults to safety issues. They might be preyed on by unscrupulous people who seek to dupe them out of their money, or they could become ill and unable to get help. When an elderly care provider stops in to check on your aging relative on a regular basis, youll know that they are well and getting the help they need. An elderly care provider can watch for signs that someone is taking advantage of the senior, such as the senior talking about a new friend to whom they seem to be giving money. Elderly care providers can also contact a family caregiver if they notice signs of illness and call 911 when there is an emergency.

#2: Removing Fall Hazards

Some situations in the home can lead to older adults falling. Lightbulbs that have blown out can make the house dark and hard to navigate. Cords strung across walkways could cause the senior to trip. Clutter is also a tripping hazard. An elderly care provider can keep walkways clean and clear. They can also change lightbulbs to keep the house bright and prevent the senior from trying to climb on a chair or ladder to change the bulb themselves.

#3: Medication Reminders

Forgetting to take medications can be dangerous for seniors because it can result in poorly controlled medical conditions. For some conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, missing doses of medication can lead to serious problems, like spikes in blood sugar or a stroke. An elderly care provider can remind your loved one when it is time for them to take medication, which reduces the risk of them missing doses.

#4: Supervision

Older adults who suffer from cognitive impairment, such as dementia, may be unsafe living at home alone. Elderly care providers can stay with them when family caregivers are not available to make certain they dont do unsafe things, like attempting to cook for themselves or wandering out of the home alone. Elderly care even offers overnight care.

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