As a family caregiver, stress can find you in a heartbeat. The problem is that you can’t always take off for the afternoon to allow that stress to dissipate. So what can you do when you can’t get away but you need to get rid of some stress?

Laugh at Something Funny

Laughter is definitely medicine for your emotions and when you’re stressed, you can’t always see what’s funny. So build up a list of jokes, pictures, or whatever that can help you laugh at any time. That way when you are having a stressful moment, you’ve got something you can fall back on that you know will have you giggling, laughing, or outright guffawing in no time flat.

Take Five Deep Breaths

When you’re in a stressful situation, your breathing picks up speed. You also start breathing much more shallowly, which clues your body in that there’s a problem. Slow down your breathing by taking five deep, deep breaths. Some people even find that putting a hand on their chest can help them to focus on those deep breaths. If you still need more help, do five more deep breaths.

Consciously Slow Down Everything

It’s not just your breathing that speeds up, though. Everything from your thoughts to your speech to your actions speed up, too. Consciously slow everything that you’re doing down. Your thoughts might be more difficult, but you can consciously slow down while you’re talking or doing anything else. Your thoughts will slow down as your brain realizes that it’s okay to slow down.

Do Something Routine to Give Your Brain a Break

One of the ways that you can help your brain to calm down is to do something routine with your hands and let your brain do its thing. Dishes are good for this, as is folding laundry. While your body is handling the routine activity, your brain has a chance to float for a minute, which can allow it to come to a slower pace gradually.

Find other ways to help yourself de-stress quickly and add those to your toolbox. The more tools you have, the better you can manage your own stress and also prevent things like loss of appetite.

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