You’re helping your mom out after her fall. What should be easy and simple has become frustrating. You cannot seem to get everything done in the time you have. What are you doing wrong?

The truth is that you probably aren’t doing anything wrong. Caring for yourself and others is time-consuming. It’s often impossible to fit the to-do lists for two or more people into one day, especially when your needs are so different. Time management is important. Here are a few ways to better manage your time, and how elder care can help.

Make Lists and Prioritize Everything on Them

Take your computer or smartphone and make lists of the tasks that need to be completed each day, every few days, each week, or each month. Once you have a comprehensive list for you, your mom, and any children you still have living at home, prioritize the tasks.

Sometimes, you have to be realistic about what needs to get done and what you can push back to another day. Work on the high-priority items first. If there’s still time, do the medium-priority items. Finish up with the low-priority items. What doesn’t get completed can be completed the next day.

Pair Chores to Save Time

If there are chores you can do together and save time, do so. For example, your mom is due a dental cleaning and exam. You are also due one in a few months. Schedule both of your appointments on the same day to avoid having to make two trips.

You might be able to pair your mom’s doctor appointment with the weekly grocery shopping trip. You’ll need diced onions in three meals this week. Do them all at once and refrigerate what you don’t need right now.

Do Something Fun

If you feel the pressure building, stop and do something fun. Sometimes, goofing off and doing something you enjoy is all it takes to reset and return to the tasks on your list with the energy you need to get them done.

It can be as simple as turning on your favorite music and dancing and singing while you clean. A walk in nature is also a good way to de-stress.

Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you are finding it hard to fit everything important into one day, get others to help out. If your family and close family friends don’t live nearby, what do you do? They may not be close enough or have the time to help out but don’t get discouraged.

Make sure you have time for yourself. You cannot be with your mom 24/7 and ignore the things you need. If you do, you’ll burn out. Always leave time for self-care.

Elder care services are here to help out. While you focus on other responsibilities, your mom has her elder care aides help. It’s a win-win situation for both of you, and it leaves you with more time to spend with those closest to you.


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