Obesity is one of the most challenging things a senior can face. Obesity is not only a health problem, but it also makes it very difficult for seniors to do their daily activities. More seniors are becoming obese each year as the result of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle. It’s easy to blame seniors when you don’t realize how hard it is for them to lose weight, and being overweight is often hereditary. So if your parent or grandparent struggles with obesity, consider hiring home care assistance services to look after their needs.

Obesity Is a Matter of Concern

Obesity in the elderly has increased at an alarming rate over the past few decades. The rapid rise in the number of obese older people is one of the main reasons for increased medical costs, reduced productivity, and increased healthcare expenses. Obesity can significantly impact the quality of life, and many seniors are at high risk for serious medical complications.

Helping a Senior With Obesity

The first step in addressing obesity in the elderly involves understanding what you can and cannot do to help your loved one. Your doctor will conduct a physical examination to determine the overall health and overall weight of the patient. This exam is usually performed at their office or during a visit to the senior’s home. In addition to the exam, the physician will take measurements of the patient’s height and weight and track their vital signs.

Once the doctor determines obesity is present, the next step is to develop an individualized intervention plan. In developing this plan, you should include the number of calories the patient requires each day, the amount of exercise they engage in, their lifestyle, eating habits, and any medications they are on. These specifics are very important to developing an effective strategy for intervention. You must also keep in mind that the most successful approach to intervention is to be proactive and involve your elderly’s family in the process. Of course, to make sure your senior gets daily assistance in following the program, you may want to hire home care assistance aids to look after your senior.

Support from Home Care Assistance

Set up a meeting between your senior and their home care assistance provider to talk about the plan for tackling their obesity. If possible, you should have the entire family involved in this discussion. You will find that the more participation there is, the more likely the senior will follow through with the support programs provided by home care services.


Obesity in elderly patients can often lead to other serious medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, many elderly patients can no longer perform the basic tasks of life, and their condition is often worsened by not moving around. Because of this, you should consider all of the options available to provide them with the level of care and attention they need.

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