As people get older, they often lose focus on things that are important to them. For example, many senior citizens are no longer able to take part in hobbies they used to enjoy because they can’t fully concentrate on them. There are many reasons why this may happen. If you want to help your elderly loved one enrich their brain or keep their brain active, here are tips that can help with this.

Learning New Languages

Has your elderly loved one been interested in learning a new language? Even if they haven’t been, this may be something that you want to suggest to them. You can talk to your elderly loved one about how this can help them to keep their brain active and healthy. Research shows that learning a new language activates multiple parts of the brain. It improves memory, boosts recall, and encourages daily brain activity. If your elderly loved one is interested in learning new languages, you or a 24-hour home care provider can practice with them for 10 minutes or more a day.

Using Creativity

Another way that your elderly loved one can enrich their brain is to use creativity. There are so many ways that they can be creative. Each one of these options can help to keep their brain active, prevent memory loss, and keep neurons firing in the brain. Some of the best creative projects for the elderly are crocheting, painting, journaling, and taking art classes. If your elderly loved one is interested in doing any of these activities at home, but they don’t want to be alone, you or a 24-hour home care provider may want to take part in the activity with them.

Reading Anything

Is your elderly loved one looking for ways to fire up their brain every day? Research shows that one of the best ways for senior citizens to keep their brain activity regularly is by reading anything. Your elderly loved one doesn’t just have to read books. They can read websites, magazines, blog posts, forums, and anything else they can get their eyes on. Reading activates multiple parts of a person’s brain. If you or a 24-hour homecare provider feel up to it, you can get your elderly loved one a stockpile of magazines and books for any time they want to read.


Now that you know about multiple ways to help your elderly loved one keep their brain active, you can share these ideas with them today. Your elderly loved one can pick one or more of these ideas and implement them into their schedule.


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