July is National Picnic Month and the warm weather and sunshine make it the perfect time for family get togethers. But if your July picnic is going to include your senior parent or senior relatives it’s important to make sure that there are foods that will be easy for seniors to eat. Seniors who have dentures or are missing teeth may not be able to eat traditional picnic foods like hamburgers and chicken. And seniors who have problems swallowing because of age or because they had a stroke need to have food options that won’t be difficult for them to swallow.

If your senior parent has home care ask the home care provider to bring some of the foods that your senior parent enjoys daily to the picnic so that they will have a familiar array of foods they can eat. You can also serve any or all of these great senior friendly picnic dishes:

Frozen Watermelon Puree

Watermelons are very refreshing and because they are mostly water they are hydrating too. Puree some cubed watermelon and freeze it in individual plastic containers. Frozen watermelon puree is a great snack for seniors that will help them stay cool in the heat as well as keeping them hydrated. You can also freeze the puree in ice cube trays and add the frozen puree to a club soda punch that kids and seniors can enjoy when they want a refreshing cold drink. And because watermelon is extremely low in calories it’s a fun dessert for seniors with diabetes or seniors that are watching their weight.

Cold Soups

Seniors who have a lot of trouble chewing will enjoy having the option of eating a cold soup at a picnic. There are many delicious vegetable based soups that are served chilled like gazpacho, cucumber dill soup, even a cold creamy potato soup. An exotic cold soup is the perfect appetizer for seniors who have trouble eating traditional green salads. They’re also delicious, and the rest of the family may end up loving cold soups too.

Shredded Meats

No picnic is complete with some barbecued and grilled meats. But meat can be difficult for seniors to eat, even if there is a home care provider there to help them cut their meat and eat it. Shredded meats are much easier for seniors to eat and they are popular with kids too. Shredded chicken tacos, pulled pork, and other shredded meats should accompany more traditional picnic meats to give people an option that is easy to eat and less hazardous to chew.

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad is served cold so it’s a refreshing side dish but it’s also soft and easy for seniors to eat. Just make sure that it’s kept in the fridge or on ice because macaroni salad that is even slightly warm could end up making a senior sick if they eat it. Add some fresh dill or other herbs to give it a bright fresh taste.


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