Each year, an estimated 450,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed in the U.S. Many of these surgeries occur after a fall. Your dad fell sideways and fractured his hip. He had hip replacement surgery. What can you and home care assistance do to help him get comfortable after his surgery?

Invest in Seating He Won’t Struggle to Stand Up From

After his surgery, it may be painful when your dad sits down and stands up. Have something or someone there to help him. Aim for seating that’s firm enough that he won’t sink into it. A higher seat height also helps.

Stay on Top of Pain Medications

Your dad’s surgeon will give instructions on how often he should take ibuprofen, and it’s often cycled with acetaminophen. Track when he last took a pill and which one it was. Keep him on the alternating cycle and reduce it as the pain diminishes.

In addition to pain medications, his surgeon may recommend the use of hot and cold packs to help with inflammation and pain. You can get reusable ones that you can put in the microwave as needed.

Make Sure He Walks Around as Advised

He will also have rules on how often he should walk around. Make sure he sticks to those guidelines. If he needs a cane, supply him with one. Even if he no longer needs it in a few weeks, keep it around just in case.

Keep Up With Physical Therapy Appointments

He’ll be working with a physical therapist to improve mobility and flexibility. Help him keep track of his appointments. If he’s not supposed to drive yet, have a schedule to share with family to ensure your dad has a driver on his appointment days.

Hire Home Care Assistance to Complete Tasks He’s Been Told Not to Do Yet

Have caregivers available to help him with the tasks he’s not able to complete on his own. He may not be allowed or able to go up and down the stairs to the laundry room. Hire caregivers to change his sheets, make his bed, and do the laundry.

Home care services are also beneficial when it comes to showers. Your dad shouldn’t be showering without having someone there to hold onto as he steps in and out of the shower or tub. A shower chair can be useful in the first couple of weeks while he’s gaining strength and balance.

Home care assistance is essential as your dad recovers from hip replacement surgery. Hire caregivers to help him with housework, meals, and transportation. You can help out when you’re available, but you’re not struggling to balance work and your dad’s care needs. Call a home care assistance specialist to get started.


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