Aging in place has become a huge trend in the last few years. However, for many adult children, it can be scary to let their parents live at home alone. If your senior mom or dad suffers from a chronic condition like migraines, however, it can make aging in place a lot harder. Something to consider is hiring home care to help your loved one age in place and live a high-quality life. There are many things home care can help your loved one do when a migraine occurs.

Drink More Water

Sometimes seniors forget to drink water in general, and this is horrible but can be detrimental during a migraine. Home care can help ensure there is always water near your senior mom or dad so they can easily access fluids. If you’re experiencing a migraine, it is essential to be hydrated and if you have thrown up from a migraine, you should drink as much fluids as possible to replenish your body.

Go Into a New Room

If the lights are too bright, it can make a migraine worse. The best thing your loved one can do is enter a quiet, dark room. This will help your seniors relax and reduce the stress on their eyes and in their heads. If they don’t have a space like this, try having them wear an eye mark for a little while. Closing their eyes and taking deep breaths may help them get through a migraine spell.

Avoid Caffeine

Not only is caffeine super dehydrating, but it can make migraines worse or even cause migraines to start with. If your loved one has suffered from migraines, it is best you encourage them to stay away from coffee and tea. Caffeine tends to make seniors go to the bathroom more, which means they are not keeping as much fluids in. This all leads to migraine. If your senior is already experiencing this head pain, they should avoid it all day.

Take a Nap

Your senior may want to go in a dark and quiet room, but going to take a 20-minute nap can help with a migraine. If it is close to bedtime, a senior may find that going to sleep can help stop the attack altogether. Naps can be restorative and prevent things like fatigue, too. If your senior loved one needs a nap, they should not nap more than an hour during the day because they will still want to be able to sleep at night.

Take Medications

If a migraine is mild, things like ibuprofen or aspirin may help. However, if your loved one is experiencing clusters or multiple migraines a week, it is so crucial to talk to a doctor. A senior should be having open communication with their doctor because they may find something else going on or their migraines are a side effect of other medications.

It is important to note when these migraines happen. Home care can help note any triggers like food or actions that may be causing migraines and what seems to help them the most.

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