Home Care in St. Paul MN

A stay in the hospital is not something that you want to think about experiencing with your aging parent, but the reality is that many seniors will encounter a situation that requires hospitalization at least once during their later years. This means that you are likely to face such a situation with your parent during your home care journey with her and have to be able to not only cope with her being in the hospital, but with the recovery period that will follow her discharge. Ensuring that your parent recovers in the most effective and efficient way possible after discharge is one of the best ways that you can help to prevent hospital readmission, when a person returns to the hospital within 30 days after discharge. This issue is a major problem of the healthcare system today and leads to strain and stress on the resources of the medical team, as well as the health and wellbeing of the senior.

If you are preparing for your parent to be discharged after a hospital stay and you want to make her recovery at home the most beneficial that it can be, one of the best steps that you can take is hiring an in home health care services provider to aid in the transition.

Going from the care of a hospital setting to a home setting can be difficult, particularly for a senior who has been at the hospital for any length of time and is facing a long or strenuous recovery period at home. Having a home care provider available to ease the transition can help your parent form a bridge between the intensive and ever-present care and assistance available at the hospital and the independence of being back at home. This helps to ensure that your parent still gets the help that she needs and increases the chances that she will be compliant with the instructions and care guidelines set forth by her medical team before her discharge, hastening her recovery and getting her back to her normal life as soon as possible.
Some of the ways that a home care provider can help your parent transition from hospital to home more successfully include:

• Better understanding of care needs. Your parent cannot recover successfully if she does not understand what type of care she needs after discharge. A care provider can help her to understand the instructions she receives and how they fit into her daily life so that she can follow them with greater confidence.

• Compliance reminders. It can be difficult for your aging parent to remember what exactly she is supposed to do and when. The care provider can offer reminders throughout the day so that she stays compliant and improves her chances of a successful recovery.

• Household assistance. People who are perfectly compliant patients in the hospital quickly fall into a habit of doing too much when they are back in their own homes. Trying to do too much, too quickly, however, can derail your parent’s recovery efforts and even cause damage that might make it necessary for her to return to the hospital. The care provider can help with household needs as well as meeting personal needs such as bringing your parent drinks and food, and helping with bathing and toileting if these are made more challenging by the injury, illness, or procedure that required the hospitalization in the first place.

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