Does your elderly loved one have social connections? Maybe they spend most of their time around their family members. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to encourage them to have more friendships. They don’t necessarily have to make a lot of friends. However, it would be beneficial for your elderly loved one to have a couple of good friends who they can spend time with and talk to.

Belonging Someplace

One of the benefits of having friendships is feeling like you belong someplace. Many elderly people stop feeling like they belong. They start feeling like outsiders. Your elderly loved one might feel as if they can’t get along with most people they meet. However, if they find like-minded individuals with who they can become friends with, this can help them to feel like they finally belong someplace again.

Connecting to a Purpose

Your elderly loved one could also benefit from having friendships because it could help them connect to a purpose. For instance, if your elderly loved one makes friends with people at a local church, they might feel like they are all connecting to God. If they make friends with people who pick up trash at local parks, your elderly loved one might feel like they are all connecting to the purpose of making this world a better place.

Improving Moods and Relieving Stress

Another benefit of having friendships is having a way to improve moods and relieve stress. Friendships give your elderly loved one the chance to talk to people about how they are feeling. If your loved one is stressed, talking to a friend could help them to vent and feel better. In addition, if your elderly loved one is feeling down often, talking to friends can make them laugh and feel happier.

Encouraging Confidence and Self-Esteem

Your elderly loved one might feel better about themselves if they have friends. While everyone should work on themselves and base their self-esteem on how they feel, that isn’t always the case. Your elderly loved one might feel better about themselves if they have friends who they connect with.


These are just some ways that your elderly loved one can benefit from friendships. If your elderly loved one currently doesn’t have many friends, you and their home care providers can be sure to help them find and make at least a couple of friends. They can meet new people at local support groups, classes, volunteer centers, in town, and other places, too.


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