Your parents need help at home, but they don’t have a large budget. One of the easiest ways to keep the cost of home care down is by pairing help from family with services from professional caregivers. How do you balance family caregivers and home care?

It Starts With a Discussion

Before making any plan, it’s time to discuss things as a family. Your parents should lead this conversation as much as possible. People who hold the medical and financial powers of attorney also need to give clear input. Remember that both the financial and medical interests of your parents have to be a priority.

You want to know who plans to help your parents each week. Based on that input, start building a monthly schedule. Fill in the hours of the day when family members are available. Highlight the hours when your parents are going to be alone.

As you build out this calendar, take note of the times when your parents are alone. If they cannot be alone at those times, you’ll need home care aides to step in and help out.

Do a Trial Run

For a couple of weeks, do a trial run with family members helping out. Gather online or at a family dinner and see how everyone feels about the schedule. Are there things others would like to change? Did anyone feel overwhelmed and uncertain family caregiving is right for them?

If your sister liked helping out but felt four hours was too stressful, try reducing that time to three. Do another trial run and see how she feels after that. Remember that caregivers will help fill gaps. If your sister needs to reduce her time spent helping your parents to a couple of hours a week, caregiver services are a great substitute.

Be Prepared for Adjustments

Remember that you will be making adjustments. If you cook dinners each night, something as simple as a head cold can mess up the schedule. You’re not feeling well enough to cook a meal, so someone else needs to. If no one is free, you need to make sure home care aides are able to help out.

Health issues, weather, car troubles, and daycare or school issues can all lead to sudden schedule changes. Don’t let them stress your family. Instead, be ready to work with professional caregivers and ensure your parents have the support they need.

Once you know how home care aides can help your parents, give the agency a call. The specialist will work with your family to come up with a schedule that meets your parents’ needs.

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