Incontinence care is one of those duties that makes family caregivers and their parents a little squeamish. Helping your mom or dad with toileting isn’t easy or pleasant, but it’s important. After all, incontinence is the loss of bowel or bladder control. Rather than struggle with unease, learn how to make it less invasive for your parent and less stressful for you.

Consider Protective Garments

Any grocery or discount store has a full section of incontinence pads and adult diapers. Use them when they’re needed. Online retailers also ship directly to your parent’s home if that’s more convenient.

Your mom or dad may not love the idea of having to wear a diaper. Look into washable underwear that has built-in absorbent liners. These look like normal underwear with a thicker area between the legs that contain leaks.

If there is an accident, your parent needs to change and clean up with your help. The underwear is machine washable, so you can wash them with the next load of laundry. Consider keeping soiled underwear in a covered pail that’s filled with Oxyclean and water. They can soak until you have laundry to do.

Wash Sections at a Time

While you bathe your mom or dad after an accident, keep areas covered to provide as much modesty as possible. Remove enough of the towel to wash that section, return it, and move to the next area. With a hand-held shower head, you can rinse off as much mess as possible first.

A sponge on a handle is another way to protect modesty. If it’s not exactly you touching your parent while you wash, it can be easier for them, and you, to manage. Use an unscented, moisturizing body wash to keep delicate skin from drying out.

Address Daily Habits

If you have your mom or dad on a routine, you’ll learn patterns. That can eliminate accidents. Get on your parent’s schedule to avoid accidents and frustration. Some medications may change bowel control. Know if diarrhea is one of the side effects of a medication your parent takes.

Pay attention to the last drink your mom or dad took. If that morning cup of coffee happened an hour ago, a trip to the toilet is a must. Your dad always has a bowel movement after breakfast, don’t delay that trip to the bathroom until you get something else done.

If you eliminate accidents, you help your parent avoid embarrassment or shame. You also lower the risk of having to do extra laundry or find time for a second shower or bath.

Hire Help

It’s okay if you or your parent find it too hard to team up for continence care. Senior care services can help you both. Caregivers who are trained in personal care and bathing can help out. Have the caregiver there for daily showers, personal care, and toileting. Call a senior care agency to make arrangements for daily care services.

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