While the United States is a relatively young country, our population is aging. In fact, the number of adults over the age of 65 is expected to double by 2050. With the baby boomers’ generation hitting their senior years, there is a real need for assistance to help seniors stay independent and healthy.

Growing older brings with it a number of changes that can make daily life harder. These changes may mean that your parent has trouble moving around in their home or performing daily activities.

There are still many seniors who are likely to have age-related health problems that make it more difficult to care for themselves. The first step in assisting your parent with these challenges is to understand what changes they are facing. These changes may affect their physical, mental, or cognitive abilities.

Physical Changes

Your senior’s physical changes may mean that they have trouble breathing, moving from one room to another, or even walking up and down the stairs. Physical changes may also mean that they have trouble getting in and out of bed or that they are having trouble lifting things.

Looking at your parent’s physical changes can help you to determine if they need to adjust their home to make it easier for them to get around.

Mental Changes

Your senior’s mental changes may mean that they have trouble concentrating, remembering simple things, or getting around in their home. Mental changes may mean that they have trouble thinking clearly or making decisions, but they may also mean that they have trouble communicating.

Cognitive Changes

Your senior’s cognitive changes may mean that they have trouble with memory, thinking, or problem-solving. Cognitive changes may also mean that they have trouble communicating with others. Cognitive changes may mean that your parent needs help with simple tasks, such as remembering to take their medication or remembering to pay the bills.

What Can You do to Help Your Senior With Their Daily Activities?

There are a number of small tasks that you can do to help your older parent and providing home care assistance to them is the most important oh them. Home care assistance is a variety of services designed to help seniors live safely, comfortably and maintains their independence.
Here are the benefits of hiring home care for your senior:

1. Flexibility

A great benefit of home care assistance is that it allows your senior to more easily fit the care into their own schedule.

2. Independence

If your parent has been living independently, home care assistance can give them the security of knowing that someone will be there, but give them the freedom to do their own thing.

3. Comfort

There are some seniors who will be more comfortable living in the comfort of their own homes. If they are able to, they may be able to live out their retirement years in a familiar place.

4. Security

If your parent is concerned about safety, home care assistance may be the best option. It provides a level of security and safety.


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