The winter blues are real. Billions of people around the world experience this issue. Sometimes, it starts in the fall and goes into the spring. For other people, it only happens during the winter months. Either way, it can range from moderate to severe. If your elderly loved one is experiencing the winter blues, there are some things you and senior home care providers can do to help them overcome or work through it.

Admitting They Need Help

One of the first steps in managing and/or overcoming the winter blues is admitting that they need help. The truth is that many people find it difficult to admit they are struggling with any mental health issues. Oftentimes, senior citizens find it even more difficult, as they are used to doing things on their own. However, if you or a senior home care provider recognizes your elderly loved one is becoming depressed around the winter, it would be a good idea to talk to them about it. If you can get them to admit they need help, it would be easier to assist them in working through this issue. If they won’t admit to being depressed or feeling down, there are still other things you and the home care providers can do to help your elderly loved one.

Increasing Physical Activity

One of the ways that you and senior care providers can help your elderly loved one to work through or overcome the winter blues is by having them increase their physical activity. There are numerous ways they can do this including:

  • Going on walks with you or a senior home care provider (you can even do this in the local stores if they weather is too bad)
  • Have them get up and bake cookies with you
  • Dance around the living room with them
  • Have them workout to YouTube videos or other workout programs
  • Get them a fitness tracking watch

These are just some ideas that can help your elderly loved one to be more active. Studies show that being active can help to relieve depression. Encourage your elderly loved one to give these things a try to see if it helps them to feel better.

Doing Mental Exercises

There are also mental exercises that can help your elderly loved one to overcome the winter blues. Some of these include:

  • Putting together a puzzle
  • Doing brain training exercises online
  • Getting activity books such as word searches
  • Putting together a scrapbook with you or their elder care providers

These are some of the best mental exercises that a person can do when they are dealing with the winter blues.


Is your elderly loved one dealing with the winter blues? If so, the sooner you and their senior home care providers can help them, the sooner they can start bringing more happiness and joy into their life.


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