When your senior is older, you may begin to worry about their progressive decline. The truth is your loved one can have a fulfilling life in their elderly age, but they could unknowingly do some things to age themselves faster. If your senior doesn’t know how to stick to a routine or a healthy lifestyle, this is a chance to hire in-home care, which can help them age gracefully in place. Here are some things your loved one might be doing to cause them to feel older and age themselves faster.

They Keep Smoking

You have heard it once, but it’s time to hear it again. Smoking is bad for your health and will not help you live longer. It will age you faster and harm your body. Smoking impacts your seniors respiratory system and accelerates the aging process by reducing the amount of oxygen that goes to the cells inside your body. If your senior needs help quitting this addictive habit, it’s time to talk to a doctor and rely on in-home care to help your senior fill up their days without thinking about smoking.

Never Wearing SPF

Here is the thing, even if your senior covers up every inch of skin, they are still exposed to the sun’s rays. Senior skin can be sensitive and may burn easier than when they were younger, which can also lead to cancer. The sun may also lead to more wrinkles, and SPF can help stop both of these things. If your senior wants to have nice and healthy skin until they die, they should be covering up with SPF. If they have a hard time with this, it’s something that many in-home care providers would be willing to help with if you find the right one.

Not Sleeping Enough

Even if your loved one’s sleeping habits change, they still need to sleep as many hours as everyone else. They need to get a good night of sleep, and poor sleeping habits can lead to chronic fatigue, which can lead to making them feel older than they actually are. Creating a healthy sleeping routine can take time, but it’s something important to invest in.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Hydration is important no matter what age someone is. When your senior is dehydrated, they may feel sick, tired, and irritable. Long-term dehydration can cause a senior to feel way older than they are, and unfortunately, many seniors forget to drink water throughout the day. In-home care can help by providing glasses of water throughout the day and making sure there are bottles within reach while a senior is doing an activity.

Not Exercising Enough

Even if your loved one is dealing with inflammation, it’s important to manage it by finding low-impact physical activities. When a senior stops moving, it will impact their bodies and make them feel older and less independent. However, it’s crucial for someone to keep moving even when they don’t feel like it, so having a routine is essential, especially when it comes to workouts.

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