If your loved one is dealing with arthritis then it’s probably a little difficult for her to go about her day the way that she used to. There’s pain to deal with and she may have some issues moving or doing things for herself. Here are some ways that you can help her out.

Figure Out How to Manage the Pain

Pain can derail quite a few of your elderly loved one’s plans and if she’s been active up until now, she’s likely missing her usual activities. Work with your loved one’s doctor to come up with a pain management plan that works for her. This can involve a wide range of therapies and treatments from medications to massage therapy, occupational and physical therapy, or even alternative treatments. Whatever works for your loved one should be part of the plan. Your loved one’s pain management plan may even need to change periodically as her health changes. Try to set aside time to regularly talk with both her and her doctor to determine if changes are necessary.

Look Into Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes can go a long way toward helping your loved one to feel more normal with her arthritis diagnosis. If she’s been eating mostly junk or processed foods, try switching her to a diet with more whole foods. You can cook for her or you can enlist the help of elderly care providers to cook for her. Once she starts to realize that her new eating habits are helping her to feel healthier, she’ll be far more on board with the idea. Other lifestyle changes might include exercising more or picking up hobbies that help to take her mind off her difficulties with arthritis.

Some Assistance Tools Can Help

Whether it’s a cane or a grabbing tool, some of those assistance devices can make a big difference for your elderly loved one. Try talking to your loved one’s doctor or home care providers about different tools that can help your loved one. She might benefit from a knee brace, for example, or even from insoles for her shoes that can take pressure off her knees or hips. It may take some trial and error to find the right tools, but they can make a big difference.

Helping your loved one to handle her normal daily activities as usual when she has arthritis may take a little bit of juggling, but it can be done.

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