When the weather changes. it’s important for seniors to change their bathing and skin care routines to keep up. The cold weather can have a big impact the things that seniors need to do to in order to be healthy and comfortable. Some of the best cold weather personal care tips for seniors are:

Get Personal Care At Home

Personal care at home is specialized care that can be very helpful for seniors, especially during the winter. There is a very real risk that seniors will get chilled after bathing or showering when it’s cold. There are also increased risks of seniors slipping and falling as they rush to get out of the bath or shower and get warm. Personal care at home will help seniors stay warm and safe before, during, and after bathing even when it’s very cold outside. Seniors shouldn’t take risks when it comes to falls, so getting personal care at home to minimize the risk of falling after a shower or a bath is a smart thing to do.

Don’t Forget Lip Care

Lip care is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. In fact, it can be even more crucial for seniors to have lip protection during the winter. The cold temperatures outside can make seniors have dry lips that can crack and bleed. So can the warm dry air inside. Seniors should use an exfoliating lip product regularly to slough off dead skin cells and use a moisturizing lip product to retain moisture and keep the lips from getting dry and uncomfortable.

Wear Sunscreen

Even in the winter the UV rays from the sun can cause skin damage for seniors. As seniors get older the fat pad under the skin disappears. That leaves the skin thinner and more vulnerable to damage from things like UV rays. Seniors need to wear sunscreen every day. Even if they aren’t going outside very much or the weather isn’t particularly sunny they sill need to apply sunscreen every day. For seniors applying sunscreen each day should be just a routine part of personal care like washing their faces or brushing their teeth.

Switch To A Heavy Duty Moisturizer

The light lotions and moisturizers that keep skin healthy in the summer without weighing it down won’t cut it once the temperature starts to fall. Seniors should switch to a heavy duty cream or moisturizer for the winter that can take on really dry winter skin. Seniors can get very dry skin from hot showers and baths, very warm and dry indoor air, and not drinking enough water. A heavy mineral based moisturizer is the best way to keep a senior’s skin from getting dry and cracked during the winter. Petroleum jelly can be a great way for seniors to avoid getting painful, dry, cracked feet in the winter. Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly and warm socks after a bath or shower will keep feet moisturized and soft.


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