It’s time to address your dad’s need for home care services. Your dad takes medications that cause drowsiness. He rarely has the stamina to really take care of himself the way he should. He skips showers and doesn’t trim his nails until you say something. Have you looked into personal care at home services? Here are the questions to ask your dad and others in the family to determine if he needs help taking care of himself.

Can He Brush and Floss His Teeth?

Can your dad brush and floss his teeth or does arthritis pain in the joints of the finger make this difficult? If he cannot properly hold a toothbrush or floss, he may need a caregiver to help him.

Brushing his teeth after every meal is ideal, but he needs to brush them a minimum of twice a day. Flossing should happen at least once a day. A water flosser may be easier for him to hold, but he still should use dental floss to miss things his water flosser doesn’t get.

Does He Keep Up With Nail Care?

How well does your dad do with nail care? Have you even seen his nails lately? When toenails get too long, they can dig into neighboring toes and cause infection and foot pain.

The problem is that bending over to trim the nails can be difficult for older adults. If your dad can’t reach his feet easily, he may not be able to trim them or file the rough edges. He needs a personal care attendant to help him.

How Often Does He Shower?

How often does your dad shower? While a daily shower isn’t necessary if he’s not excessively sweaty, he should shower a minimum of once or twice a week. During this shower, he needs to lather up and use soap to remove germs and bacteria from his skin.

When he takes a shower, is he able to lift his hands high enough to shampoo his hair? Can he reach the harder-to-reach areas like between his toes and behind the ears?

After showering, he should apply a moisturizer before fully drying off. Aging skin doesn’t have as much collagen, which is why skin is thinner and drier. If your dad allows his skin to air dry, it has more time to fully absorb the water into the skin, which is optimal for skin health.

He’s dried off and his skin is moisturized. He needs to get dressed. If he has a hard time buttoning buttons, tying his shoes, and zipping up zippers, personal care aides can help.

It’s time to address the benefits that your dad gains with personal care at home. Talk to a specialist in home care about your dad’s health, abilities, and goals. After answering questions, you’ll learn more about prices and schedules. Call now.

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