Brain health is an essential part of overall health for aging adults. Luckily, there are lots of different brain exercises that seniors can try which will help to keep their brains active and engaged. Senior home care providers can partner up with aging adults to try adding some of these activities into daily routines. Seniors are likely to have better results when they’re consistent.

Memory Games

Memory games that require seniors to match up objects, cards, or answer questions work on things like short-term memory skills and concentration. These types of games can be a lot of fun and are usually short in duration. That means that seniors can play several rounds at a time if they’re so inclined.

Reading Aloud

Reading books or other materials aloud is a great brain exercise because it includes both visual and auditory processing. Seniors might enjoy having home care providers read to them, and they can return the favor, too. This type of activity doubles as social interaction, which is something that most seniors need more of in their everyday lives.

Crossword Puzzles

Most people have done a crossword puzzle or two in their lifetime. These are great tools for helping seniors to recall words, work on spelling, and use word association to solve clues. The great thing about crossword puzzles is that there are really simple versions that are easy to complete and there are tough puzzles that are seriously challenging, along with every version in between.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Most people don’t think about jigsaw puzzles as brain exercises, but they are. There are several skills at work, including spatial reasoning, memory, problem-solving, visual perception, and more. As with crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles are available in a wide range of levels and they can be a lot of fun either alone or with a partner.


Brain exercises aren’t all about making the brain work harder. Sometimes a little quiet is in order. Meditation can be calming and beneficial for mental health. It can also help to reduce stress and build focus. Meditating for just a few minutes a day can pay off in serious benefits for seniors who want better brain health.

Digital Brain Games

Pairing brain exercise with new technology helps seniors in multiple ways. There are tons of different types of digital brain games available on smartphones and tablets that help to exercise attention, memory, and problem-solving abilities. These types of activities are also easy to take on the go for waiting rooms.

Learning New Skills

Learning new skills is something that seniors always need to incorporate into their lives. Whether they’re learning hobbies, exploring new topics, playing a musical instrument, or more, the brain has to work to complete the task. Trying a variety of new things helps seniors to improve their quality of life in other ways, too.


Journaling is great for brain health because it helps to improve memory and allows seniors to use language in written formats. Keeping a journal can also help aging adults to work through their feelings and improve their mental health. It’s a great daily activity that doesn’t have to take long at all.

Senior home care providers can do a lot to help aging adults build daily routines that incorporate these and other brain exercises. When seniors focus on improving their brain health, they’re able to experience the benefits faster than they expect.


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