Seniors start to need various different types of assistance over time, depending on what sort of challenges they face. Family caregivers may not be able to help with everything, and that’s when senior home care services can truly be a huge comfort. Understanding the various types of assistance available helps seniors and family caregivers make the right choices to meet current and future needs.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal care tasks are those related to things like getting dressed, showering, grooming, toileting, and more. These are often embarrassing tasks to need help with and seniors may be reluctant to ask for this type of assistance. Personal care at home makes life easier, more hygienic, and safer, especially once seniors are more comfortable accepting this kind of help.


Some seniors simply need a little bit of companionship. Companion caregivers spend time with aging adults, engaging them in conversation, and often involving seniors in recreational activities. These types of caregivers help seniors avoid being lonely and isolated, but they also help keep their brains stimulated and can alert family caregivers to situations that might need more attention.

Nutritional Support

Seniors often need careful attention to nutrition in order to stay as healthy as possible. The problem is that it takes a lot of energy and sometimes time to keep up with making healthy meals on a regular basis. Home care assistance can make this so much easier for aging adults, allowing them to simply enjoy eating delicious, healthy meals every day.

Transportation and Errand Help

When seniors aren’t able to drive any longer or have trouble with mobility, senior home care can be a huge help. Caregivers can take over the driving duties, which makes it easier for seniors to run errands, get to appointments, and attend social events when they want to do so. Knowing they have someone to do the driving can sometimes be enough incentive for seniors to give up driving when it has finally become unsafe for them to do so. For seniors with mobility issues, home care providers help to ensure that they use assistive devices when necessary and have assistance while walking.

Light Housekeeping

A clean, organized home is not only easier to maintain and find items when necessary, it’s safer and more hygienic for seniors. Senior home care providers offer help with light housekeeping, which includes tasks like laundry, vacuuming, and keeping living areas tidy and free of clutter. Aging adults might also need help organizing items, especially if the things they use most often aren’t easy for them to get to in their current locations.

Senior home care services support independence as much as possible, keeping aging adults safe, happy, and healthy in their homes. Over time, seniors may gradually start to need more assistance and home care providers can ramp up what they do to meet those needs. None of this means that seniors can’t continue to make their own decisions or live their lives on their own terms. On the contrary, senior home care makes it easier for seniors to keep doing those things, no matter how much additional help they need.


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