At his last doctor’s appointment, your dad’s doctor said he still needs to get his blood pressure down. To do so, a new medication is added to his daily routine. When medications are added or the dosages are increased, what steps should you take to make sure he’s okay as he adjusts?

Read the Side Effects

When your dad has a new prescription, go over the side effects. If it says the pills cause dizziness or drowsiness, make sure he does not drive after taking that pill. Go over the possible side effects with him. If he feels nervous taking the pill without someone around, take steps to make sure someone is there with him.

Understand Any Restrictions

Make sure you know about contraindications or restrictions. If his new medication says he cannot take it with alcohol, be sure that he takes doesn’t have anything to drink. His doctor will be able to tell you when it’s safe for him to drink.

It may not be advisable to take his medication with an over-the-counter cold or allergy medication. If that’s the case, ask his doctor what he should do if his allergy symptoms flare up.

Keep in Touch With His Doctor

If the side effects are causing problems, talk to his doctor about an alternative. If his new medication makes him so unsteady that he falls, see if he can take the pill before he goes to bed so that he’s asleep when the dizziness hits.

Some pills have to be taken in the morning. If that’s the case, he should take the pill and do something that involves sitting down for a while. For example, he could take the pill while he eats breakfast and then sits down to read the paper or watch a movie.

Hire Home Care Services Like Medication Reminders and Companionship

Finally, talk to a home care specialist about medication reminders and companionship services. If a caregiver is there to remind your dad when to take his prescription medications, he has someone with him to watch for unusual side effects.

If your dad’s new blood pressure medication makes him dizzy, the caregiver can be available for support if he has to get up and go to the bathroom. The caregiver can remind him to eat a meal before he takes the pill or has a glass of milk if the pill is known to cause stomach upset. Call a home care agency to make arrangements.

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