There are people all around the world who own pets. Some children love having pets in the house to play with. Many adults enjoy having pets to give themselves someone to come home to or to keep them company. There are many reasons why senior citizens may want a pet, as well. Keep reading here today to find out if it may be beneficial for your elderly loved one to have a pet.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Many senior citizens have high blood pressure. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, it is crucial they do things that help to keep their blood pressure down or to lower it. Your elderly loved one’s doctor might have them on medication for this. However, it would also be beneficial to find natural ways to keep their blood pressure lowered, as well. A pet might be the answer. Studies find that people who own a pet often have lower blood pressure. The main reason for this is because pets, such as dogs, give unconditional love. If your elderly loved one is on board for getting a pet, it could help tremendously with their blood pressure management.

Not Feeling Lonely

Does your elderly loved one feel lonely most of the time? Are they missing someone who passed away or wishing they had someone around more often? If this is the case, your elderly loved one might love to have a pet. Having a dog or a cat that they can cuddle with could help to reduce their loneliness. They would be spending time with the pet – playing with and caring for it. Even if you and home care assistance providers go to your elderly loved one’s house, having a pet could add to their feelings of belonging and supportiveness.

Being Present

Many elderly people tend to be off in their own little world. Unfortunately, this can lead to many mental, emotional, and physical health issues. If you find that your elderly loved one needs to be a little more in the present, having a pet could benefit them. Pets are often needy and clingy. However, they can also be fun. If your elderly loved one has a pet, they would need to be there to care for the pet.


Does your elderly loved one need or want a pet? You may not be sure at this time. However, there are some ways to determine if a pet could be beneficial for them. Do they have high blood pressure? Is your elderly loved one feeling lonely or wanting to connect with someone more often? Do they need to stay present in their mind or in their life in general? If you have answered yes to these questions, you may want to talk to your elderly loved one about getting them a pet.


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