Losing weight isn’t easy. Your dad has a goal to lose 50 pounds, and it’s going to be hard. He needs support from his friends and family. Start with these six tips.

Reduce Stress

Stress can make it hard to lose weight. If your dad deals with stress, he needs to work on stress reduction techniques. Exercise helps, but he may need additional techniques like journaling, meditation, or improving his sleep patterns.

Change the Diet

Figure out the dietary changes that benefit your dad the most. He likely has weaknesses for certain foods. The foods he needs most are vegetables, lean protein, dairy, whole grains, and fruit. He needs to avoid saturated fats, high sodium, and excessive sugar.

He will drop his caloric intake. While most older men are in the 2,000 to 3,000 range, it comes down to activity levels. If your dad lives a relatively sedentary lifestyle, he should stick on the lower end of that range. His doctor can recommend the best caloric target for him.

Increase Activity

The recommendation of 30 minutes a day is a good start for your dad. If he can handle more, that’s even better. He wants to exercise as much as possible to help shed the extra pounds. He may find it helpful to have others with him as he exercises.

When he’s choosing his fitness activities, he should try to vary the things he does. If he walks one day, he should try something else the next. He could create a schedule where he walks two days a week, takes one Tai Chi class each week, swims twice a week, and uses an elliptical machine the remaining two days.

Don’t Let Him Become Frustrated and Give Up

Losing weight takes time. He may become frustrated and feel that nothing is working. Don’t let him give up. If he slips up, it’s not the end of the world. Make sure he knows that slipping here and there is normal and not a reason to lose hope.

Celebrate Goals

Set several weight loss goals. When your dad reaches one, celebrate in some way. He might want to celebrate the first 10 pounds with a long weekend away.

Schedule Supportive Services

Make sure your dad has the support he needs with daily activities and tasks. If he’d walk more often with the help of a caregiver, schedule companionship services with a senior care agency. If he needs someone to cook healthier meals, senior care can help with that, too. One call can get you started setting up senior care.

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