Home Care in St. Paul MNIf your senior loved one is struggling with their mobility, doing certain tasks around the house, or with anything else because of their advanced age, home care may very well be a great option to consider.

There are numerous signs that could indicate home care would be something to consider right now. Here are three signs you might recognize, and if you do, look into this type of care for your senior loved one more seriously.

Potential Sign #1: They struggle with some aspects of self-care.

If they’re having difficulty getting into and out of the shower, maybe because they slipped once and are nervous about that happening again, a home care aide could provide the support and assistance they need to stay comfortable and confident in taking care of themselves.

Potential Sign #2: They don’t have a support system close by.

They may live in a town where they don’t have a lot of family members or friends. If they don’t have a strong support system in the area and are dealing with certain challenges, even if it’s something as simple as dragging the garbage can to the end of the driveway every other week, it’s time to consider outside support.

A home care aide can be hired through an agency for just two hours a day, once a week or more, depending on their needs.

Potential Sign #3: You want to get active once again.

If they are not as active as they’d like because of their limited physical capabilities or mobility, wouldn’t it be nice for them to get back and engaged in life? They might be able to, at least to some increased degree, with the support of an experienced home care provider.

While a family caregiver can be helpful some of the time, as age-related issues become more prevalent, bringing in home care on a regular basis is the best way to ensure your senior loved one’s safety – and your peace of mind.

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