After your elderly loved one has been exercising for a little while, it might be time for her to move on to some more advanced exercises. That doesn’t mean that she’s training for a marathon, of course, but they allow her to challenge herself. Always check with your loved one’s doctor before she tries new exercises, just in case.

Walking on Trails and in the Neighborhood

Walking is fantastic exercise for your elderly loved one, but she may need to work up to being able to walk longer distances. Your loved one might start out walking in place at home, but as she becomes stronger, it’s time to start looking for trails and walking paths that offer more interest. Your loved one might still enjoy walking at home during bad weather or in extreme temperatures, but having variety is important, too.

Senior Gym Classes

Many gyms and fitness organizations offer classes specifically for senior citizens. They’re often a really great place for your elderly loved one to meet new people and to get some gentle exercise in. Some of the classes offer different exercises each time your loved one attends while others are the same type of exercise each time your loved one attends. Attending classes can give your loved one much more motivation to stay active.

Water Exercises

Water exercises are much gentler on your loved one’s joints, so they allow her to concentrate on her movements rather than any pain she’s feeling. Water exercises also help your loved one to build up her muscles better than the same exercises out of the water because there is natural resistance in the water. Being in the water can be relaxing for your loved one, too.

Yoga or Tai Chi

Both yoga and tai chi allow your loved one to gently stretch her muscles while she works out. They can also help your loved one with breathing exercises because both allow her to focus on her breathing. Don’t worry that your loved one has to be more advanced in order to do either yoga or tai chi because they’re perfect for beginners as well.

If your loved one needs extra help getting to her exercise classes, an elder care provider can offer assistance and often transportation to these places.

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