ALS is an incurable neurodegenerative condition where the neurons in the spine and brain deteriorate. As it progresses, a person loses the ability to speak, move, and eventually swallow.

Your dad has been diagnosed with ALS, and it’s all new to your family. What care needs is he going to have as it progresses?

Ambulation Assistance

Your dad is going to have a hard time walking around. The disease often starts in the hands and arms, so he’ll start off finding it hard to manipulate or hold items. Eventually, he struggles to support his weight and walk around.

As he progresses to needing a wheelchair or walker, he needs a supportive person to help him get in and out of the tub or shower. He’ll need help getting on and off the toilet, in and out of bed, and when standing from a chair or sofa.

His 24-hour care aides are there to help your dad go up and down the stairs. They can also help him get in and out of a car if he needs to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Help With Feeding

Because your dad’s hands don’t work like they once did, he won’t be able to eat without help. Eventually, chewing and swallowing are problematic. There’s the risk of choking, so he needs someone who can make foods that are soft enough to easily swallow.

Do you have a hard time balancing your work, family life, and errands your dad needs you to run? If you can’t fit in that weekly trip to the grocery store for your dad without rescheduling your plans, remember that caregivers can do the shopping and run errands for your dad.

Help With Grooming, Hygiene, and Toileting

One of the ways you can support your dad is by arranging 24-hour home care services to help him with personal care. Even if he can still use the toilet, he might find it impossible to clean up after he goes.

His caregivers work in shifts to make sure he’s never alone. If he needs help showering, his caregivers are there. They can help him shave, brush and floss his teeth, and apply moisturizer to dry skin.

Your dad has home care aides to trim his mustache or beard, cut his fingernails and toenails, and apply lip balm to prevent chapped lips. With personal care, he even has someone to brush or comb his hair after washing it.

Ensure Your Dad’s Never Alone

May is ALS Awareness Month. Take the time to gather the family and discuss what your dad wants and needs. He needs to be involved. Once you have a list, call an agency and discuss 24-hour home care services.

When your dad has 24-hour home care aides with him, he’s never alone. It gives both of you peace of mind that if there’s an emergency, your dad has the immediate support of someone he knows and trusts. Call now with your questions.

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