During the coronavirus pandemic, you and your senior need to know what might be putting her at a higher risk of complications with Covid-19. Heres what you both need to know about how this illness might affect her.

People Who Are Older

The most obvious high-risk group right now is older adults. Age has an impact on the immune system, making your senior more susceptible to a variety of different ailments. This one, however, is particularly virulent and is one you want to help her avoid if possible. Make sure youre following all the steps for avoiding the coronavirus.

People with Serious Heart Conditions or Lung Issues

People who have heart or lung issues, like COPD or high blood pressure, are at higher risk from Covid-19 because their heart and lungs are already taxed. Covid-19 places added stress on these organs, making them work even harder. This could present some very serious complications for your aging family member.

People Who Are Immunocompromised

People who are immunocompromised are also at risk. Immunocompromised means that someones immune system isnt working as well as it should be. This could be temporary, because of a previous illness or because of medication, or it might be permanent, like with certain autoimmune diseases. Talk to your seniors doctor about whether or not she qualifies as immunocompromised.

People with Diabetes

Diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, tends to respond to illness like an autoimmune disease. What that means is that people with diabetes can experience greater amounts of inflammation when theyre sick or when they have an infection and that complicates the healing process. Blood sugar levels can be out of control while sick and other problems may be more complicated, too. All of this means that the coronavirus might hit your senior a little harder than it would someone without diabetes.

People with Other Health Conditions

Other health conditions can pose problems when someone has Covid-19, too. These can range from liver problems to kidney issues and all sorts of ailments in between. Because not much is known about Covid-19 still, doctors are still working on understanding how the illness affects and is affected by other health issues.

Prevention is the best plan with Covid-19. Encourage your senior to stay at home and to wash her hands frequently. If she needs additional help, senior care providers can be there for her. Helping older adults while preventing infection and illness is what they do every day.

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