Home Care Services

Compassionate Services for Active, Independent Seniors – and More!

CareBuilders at Home of Omaha offers a full complement of in-home care services for seniors and anyone else who needs a little extra help. Here in the Omaha area, we provide options for hourly care, overnight service, live-in services, and 24/7 services, based on the needs of each family.

We also offer a cutting edge virtual caregiver that’s devoted to combat senior isolation and depression through engagement and monitoring. Through our virtual care platform, you’ll be able to use your television as a way to connect with family, friends, and your CareBuilders care team. Our virtual caregiver is available with a range of customized packages to suit your needs or those of a senior loved one.

Is Your Loved One Ready for Home Care Services?

If your loved one is an aging senior, they may be showing signs that indicate they could benefit from home care services. If your loved one is showing some of these warning signs, contact our team to learn more about your needs and options for service:

  • Changes in physical appearance

  • Changes in normal behavior or physical activity

  • Changes in personal hygiene, wearing dirty clothes

  • Poor diet, excessive weight loss or gain

  • Shift in mental or emotional state

Learn more about our services today! For more information, fill out our convenient online form or call your Omaha CareBuilders team to discuss your needs and schedule your free, no obligation, in home assessment

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Whether you personally know someone who’s been helped by an in-home caregiver or you just want to run a business that’s built around providing dignity to those in need, a home care franchise can be the right opportunity for you.