I’ve often talked about how CareBuilders is always hiring, and I’ve even gone into what we’re looking for in a caregiver. But have you ever wondered what happens after you’re hired? I won’t go into too much detail but here’s a quick rundown.


We ask for three references at your interview. Having three solid references ahead of time can help this process a lot. Even if you don’t have professional caregiver experience, try to have a mix of professional and personal references. If you took care of a loved one, having another loved one who saw you do that is important. If you can give three professional references, that is great, as well.


If your references are good, we’ll call you back to schedule your orientation and discuss the details. They’re usually at fixed times, and they are all-day endeavors. You’ll get your badge and your new schedule for your first few weeks of work.

Your First Weeks

Your clothing expectations will be discussed at orientation. The first few weeks are about you getting acclimated to your clients and the work of being a caregiver, if you have never done it before. At this time, communication with the office is crucial. Call us if you have any technical difficulties, and with any feedback about clients or the tasks you perform. Maybe you thought cooking every day as a caregiver would be something you’d want to do, but you changed your mind. Or maybe you just don’t like your clients. That happens and it does not mean they are a bad person or that they did anything wrong. Caregiving is extremely personal, and we tell our clients the exact same thing about caregivers.

Hopefully, if you’re interested in applying to work with us, you now know a little bit about the process if you ace your interview. Just be yourself, and don’t be nervous! We will see you soon.