Reducing fall risks for seniors means looking at all of the different variables that can affect their safety at home. One big fall risk factor for aging adults can be the medications that they take. Staying on top of how medications impact senior safety is a lot easier with help from 24-hour home care providers. It also helps to have as much information as possible about medications and safety.

Some Medications Are Riskier than Others Are

Many medications don’t have a huge impact on fall risk. But others do, so it’s important to know which medications pose potential problems. Medications that can cause drowsiness or sedation are definitely at the top of the list of risky medications in terms of fall risk. These are medications like muscle relaxers, some antihistamines, sleep aids, and vertigo medications. Blood sugar medications can sometimes lead to low blood sugar, which can leave a senior prone to falling. Blood pressure medications can have a similar effect if they lower blood pressure too quickly.

Keep a Comprehensive List of Medications

It’s absolutely vital for family caregivers to keep an accurate list of all of the medications that a senior takes regularly. That means keeping a list of not only prescription medications but also over-the-counter medications and supplements. These can also have an impact on fall risk, especially when combined with some prescription medications. It’s important to note how often the medication is taken, what the dosage is, and any other information that might be good for doctors and pharmacists to know.

Do Regular Medication Reviews

Another solution that family caregivers can put in place is to ask for medication reviews from medical providers. This allows doctors to take a closer look at the list of what seniors are taking and evaluate what’s happening. They might ask about side effects and how seniors feel after taking medications. They can also look at factors like reducing dosages or determining if another medication might work better for a specific condition.

Get Additional Help from Home Care Services

In some cases, seniors really need to take the medications even if they contribute to a higher risk of falling. That’s when it’s a good idea to have as much help in place as possible. 24-hour home care providers can be there to watch for safety issues while helping with mobility concerns. They can also help seniors with activities of daily living so that they’re able to keep living their lives as independently as they can. All of this can make a difference for seniors who want to continue to live in their own homes, but who also need that extra layer of assistance.

Staying on top of fall risk factors is absolutely vital when it comes to keeping seniors as safe as possible at home. 24-hour home care providers can make this process a lot easier for seniors and for the family caregivers who worry about them. With around-the-clock care, seniors are able to rest easy knowing that there’s someone there watching out for them.

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