As your loved one has aged, you might have noticed that she could use more and more help around her home. Visiting her once a day or a couple of times a week to help with household chores isn’t enough to keep up with her increasing needs.

But if she’s not ready to move out of her home and you can’t be there all of the time, what options do you have?

24-hour home care teams provide care around the clock by having several people on shifts who come and stay in the home but do not live there. This means they are responsible for staying alert and awake during their entire shift, whether it’s from 9am-5pm or 9pm-5am. Having them in the home, ready to assist at a moment’s notice can be just what your loved one needs to continue to live in her own home.

How the 24-hour home care providers assist in daily living can be customized to what your loved one needs and can be adjusted when her needs change. For example, if in the future, she has surgery or serious medical treatment, how your 24-hour home care provider serves her needs may increase temporarily. For now, let’s look at some basic responsibilities your 24-hour home care provider can assist with.

  • Preparing food. If your loved one is up early and needs breakfast at 6am, a 24-hour home care provider can have her breakfast ready for her when she’s up and ready to start her day. They can also help your loved one if she has medication that needs to be taken with food by always making sure the medication is offered with food.
  • Medication management. Speaking of medication, if your loved one needs to take a specific medication before bedtime each night, a 24-hour home care provider will be there to remind them to take their medications.
  • Getting ready for bed. Depending on what your loved one needs, a 24-hour home care provider can help her bathe or shower each night before bed, protecting her from the dangers of slipping or falling if she is unsteady on her feet. They can also help with brushing out hair, brushing the teeth, washing hands and face, and whatever needs your loved one has at night.
  • Getting in and out of bed. A 24-hour home care provider can make sure your loved one gets safely in and out of bed each night, both at bedtime and for any middle-of-the-night bathroom visits. They reduce the risk of your loved one tripping or falling while trying to navigate in and out of her bed.
  • Getting dressed. For some elderly, changing clothes is a struggle due to immobility or arthritis. A 24-hour home care provider can help them both get ready for bed and then get ready for the day in the morning.

These are just a few reasons a 24-hour home care provider might be the right choice for your loved one.

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