One of the scariest things for family caregivers can be seeing their seniors bruising more easily than they used to. There can be a lot of different reasons for that, but when that senior has Alzheimer’s disease, the bruising can seem even more mysterious than ever before. Thankfully there are ways to help minimize bruising for seniors, especially with the help of Alzheimer’s care providers.

Create a Safe Environment

A safe environment helps seniors avoid tripping hazards and other potential issues that could lead to a bruise or other injury. Loose rugs, excessive clutter, and cords that are in the way are all big problems. Not only do these all contribute to the possibility of injury, but they can also be confusing for seniors with Alzheimer’s to have to manage.

Improve Lighting

Poor lighting increases the risk that seniors with Alzheimer’s won’t see obstacles in time to avoid them, which can lead to bruising. All living spaces need to be well-lit, but it’s also important to ensure that hallways, staircases, and entryways are properly lit, too. It can help to put motion-sensing lights in those spaces so that no one has to remember to turn lights on and off.

Encourage Physical Activity

Regular exercise has tremendous benefits for seniors with all sorts of illnesses. In particular, exercising regularly can help to improve balance, coordination, and strength, which can make it easier to avoid injuries like bruises. Seniors should always get their doctor’s opinion before starting a new exercise program, ensuring that they’re safe to start moving more.

Get Help with Mobility

For seniors who have trouble with mobility for whatever reason, it’s important that they have help, especially if they’re also battling Alzheimer’s disease. Home care providers can help them to use assistive devices properly, assist with transfers, and offer support while seniors are walking. All of these are ways to ensure that seniors have help with mobility when they need it.

Handle Seniors Gently

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease sometimes have trouble communicating when something hurts or when they need additional help. It’s incredibly important for anyone helping them to handle them gently, both to avoid accidentally bruising them and to avoid accidental bumps. Personal care at home is experienced with helping seniors gently.

Offer Reassurance and Support

Getting the support and reassurance that they need makes it a lot easier for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to let go of anxiety and agitation that can lead to injuries. Keeping the environment calm and using reassuring tones when speaking are additional ideas that can help. It’s vital for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to feel safe and secure.

Make Health Checkups Easy to Access

Regular health checkups are always important, especially for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. These appointments can help to spot potential health issues that could make it easier for seniors to bruise. Home care providers can do the driving, ensuring seniors get to their appointments consistently.

Caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease means finding ways to keep them safe and healthy, even from seemingly minor issues like bruising. Bruises are painful and can be significantly reduced with the help of experienced Alzheimer’s care providers.


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