As people grow old, they will experience many changes to their life. They will also experience many changes to their body, as well. In fact, there are some common physical changes that happen as we age. Knowing what these changes are can help you to better care for your elderly loved one now and in the coming years.

Bone Changes

Your elderly loved one might experience bone changes as they age. Senior citizens have reduced bone size. This is because the bones deteriorate. When this happens, the bones are weaker. If this is happening with your elderly loved one, they may experience weakness and pain. Your elderly loved one may be diagnosed with osteoporosis, too. If this happens, it is important to make sure you or elder care providers are checking in on or taking care of your loved one. This can help to prevent falls and keep them safer.

Heart Changes

The heart can often weaken as people get older, too. Many elderly people will experience a slower heart rate than when they were younger. The heart can enlarge, as well. This can cause many issues including heart disease or a heart attack. If this is something you are concerned about with your elderly loved one, be sure they see their doctor. The doctor can refer your elderly loved one to a cardiologist if they have concerns.

Brain Changes

You may have heard of many elderly people having dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This is because the brain changes as people get older. Now, this does not mean that every elderly person will have a neurodegenerative condition. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and treatments for these types of conditions. If your elderly loved one is diagnosed with it, you can hire elder care providers to assist them from day to day.


These are just some of the common physical changes that happen as people age. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, these are some changes that you should keep an eye on. In addition, if there are any concerns that your elderly loved one has about their body or their overall health, make sure to address those concerns. If needed, you can get them checked out by a doctor. If there are any health issues going on, the doctor can set up treatments. You can also hire elder care providers to help out, too. You and the elder care providers can help to ensure your loved one follows through with their treatment plan.


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