Depression is something that many seniors develop as they get older. Poor physical health, loneliness, grief, and many other factors contribute to whether or not your senior parent will become depressed. There’s no way to eliminate the risk of a senior parent becoming depressed but there are some things that seniors can do to lower it. Seniors that want to increase their chances of being able to live happily at home as they get older should do these things:

Get Companion Care At Home

Companion care at home is a great service for seniors that helps seniors battle loneliness. Loneliness is becoming an epidemic among seniors, especially among seniors that want to age in place. When seniors have companion care at home they have company, social connection, and a friend that they can talk to about anything. Having companion care also makes it more likely that seniors will go out to shop, go to lunch, or go explore museums and other fun places because they won’t have to go alone.

Get Professional Help

For many seniors getting help with their mental health is something that isn’t comfortable. But seeing a professional to help with mental health is no different than seeing a doctor to help with physical health. A mental health professional like a counselor or psychiatrist can help seniors work through grief, find a sense of purpose, and figure out how they want to spend the time that they have remaining. Just having someone they can talk with about their fears of aging, the struggles they’re having with the changes in day to day life they’re experiencing with age, and family relationships can really help seniors maintain good mental health.

Stay Active

Activity and movement are good for both physical and mental health. And activity doesn’t have to mean a tough workout. Golfing, stretching, yoga, dancing, and even just going for a long walk in the park can all be wonderful for a senior’s mental and physical health. Moving is great for combatting depression as well as combatting physical health problems that can be caused by being sedentary. If your senior parent has become sedentary and isn’t getting out of the house as much try to interest them in being more active. Suggest that they take some exercise classes to find a type of exercise that they really like.

Make Friends

Friends are essential at every stage of life, including the later years. It can be a big loss for seniors when their friends pass away. That can make seniors hesitant to make new friends because they don’t want to risk getting hurt again when they lose a friend. But everyone needs friends. Having friends to talk with, go places with, and lean on in times of trouble is part of a healthy life. Encourage your senior parent to join a support group, volunteer, or visit the local senior center if they want to make some new friends locally.


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